Solidity Trade

Solidity Trade has the mission to source West African commodities and secure the logistics to build a solid relationship with international buyers. Our purpose is to help West African producers and their communities to market and sell their raw materials while meeting international standards of quality.

LAM TRAN PARTNERS has been investing in the company and ran the business from scratch for 3 years since 2008. Solidity Trade has been going through the due diligence for the purpose of an acquisition of a West African manufacturer and the ROI of the investment reached 100%.

Advances Trading

Advances Trading is a subsidiary entity of the Global Advances Group and has roots in the USA, Ghana, Colombia, and China. We’ve combined our strengths in international business, languages, information technology, and product sourcing to structure a trading service that can respond quickly to client requirements and provide high quality products at extremely competitive prices from diverse sources worldwide.

Our company has a focus on trading commodities with a strong emphasis on emerging markets. We are suppliers of a large variety of timber from Ghana and broker several types of commodities ranging from Colombian thermal coal to copper extracted from Mongolia.

LAM TRAN PARTNERS has been working on improving the operations of the company Advances Trading in order to generate in a cost effective way a larger amount of orders through some online marketing campaigns since the second quarter of 2011.